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Our vision

Leadership and excellence of medical education, scientific research and community service at the local, regional and global level.

Our mission

is to inculcate and acquire the quality standards in preparing the female graduates with medical knowledge, skills, technicalities and professional behavior in medicine based upon legislation sciences and Islamic culture; and also to apply the basics of scientific thinking and research, and to encourage continuous learning for preparing graduates to provide health care and to progress in the fields that serve the community and environment.

Our values:  are ethics, honesty and respect of patient’s rights

Faculty Results

Now, Faculty Results



Prof.Kouka S.Abdelwahab and Prof.Zeinab N.said shared in editing a complete chapter entitle." Antiviral Replication Agents "


Conference The 16th Congress of the faculty

The 5th Student Awarness Day 2013


Awareness Day
Training courses and work shops

New Trends in Medical Education Workshops (6,7) were held on 18,19/6/2013.


The 1_st Endocrinology Hepatology Conference "Gastrointestinal, Hepatic and Endocrinology Disorders Inter_ relationship"




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